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Company Overview

Global Security Options (Pvt) Ltd aims to achieve its symbiotic security objectives by offering cyber and sophisticated security solutions through its global partnerships to become a technologically dominant security firm. We at Global Security Options (Pvt) Ltd are also focused on developing indigenous projects to enhance the country’s military capabilities to match with ongoing trends and to cater the future requirements of the Sri Lankan armed forces.
Our rates are the most competitive in the market, and we are very confident in the quality of our frontline security officers / Close Protection Officers who have gone through internationally recognized training across all types of services, from VVIP protection to luxury apartments or mega events, Warehouses, construction sites, vacant sites or cash escorts etc. We are rich in young disciplined and well-trained internationally recognized security guards & Close Protection Officers.

We work to the five ‘PRIDE’ values.

Our vision

Our vision is to value the trust of our clients by prioritizing their safety and ensuring a safe & secure urban & rural community for a peaceful & a stable country in order to be the benchmark of the country.

Our mission

To engage with indigenous defence projects for the tri forces of Sri Lanka & to provide highly trained, sophisticated, dedicated & professional protection to our clients for their enterprise, their assets & the safety of their personal.